About Mr.Hope

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# About Mr.Hope

# Mr.Hope Personal Resume

Mr.Hope, male, born in Liaoning Province in 1998, is currently a grade 2016 undergraduate student at Northeast Normal University, marjors in physics.

After enrolling at the university, Mr. Hope has been using his free time to self-study frontend development, server construction, maintenance and other related knowledge, and is committed to serving the NENU students. Mr.Hope also participates in a large number of student work, including serving others in grades, college committees, student unions, and Houpu Good School.

# Major student cadres experience

# In Grade

  • Freshman year: As monitor of Class 4, Grade 2016, School of Physics
  • Sophomore year: As adviser of tech, Grade 2016
  • Junior year: As adviser of tech, Grade 2016

# In School

  • Freshman fall semester: As experiencer of Propaganda Department, Youth league committee, School of Physics
  • Freshman Spring semester and Sophomore fall semester: As ministry staff of Network Studio, Youth league committee, School of Physics
  • Sophomore Spring semester and Junior fall semester: As adviser of Youth league committee, School of Physics

# In University

  • Year 2017: As minister staff of Product, School Media Center
  • Year 2018: As minister of Function, School Media Center
  • 2018.12 to Present: As derector of School Media Center

# Welfare

  • Freshman year: As Senior 3 chemistry teacher, Hope Good School
  • Sophomore year: As Senior 2 chemistry teacher, Hope Good School
  • Volunteer of JUPT Competition, year 2017
  • Member of the Red Candle Volunteers Association
  • Donated 500 yuan to China Children and Teenagers Foundation
  • Donated 400 yuan for Wenchuan Earthquake
  • Houpu Love School Participants

# Hobbies

Fishing, chess, roundhand, badminton, programming.

# Skills

Full-stack development, frontend proficient in ES6, ES2016 syntax, in-depth understanding of JS operating mechanism and principles, proficient in the use and development of Node, TypeScript and Vue framework; backend operation and maintenance to understand a wide range of knowledge, Linux command, server common software package Very familiar with configuration and use. Learn about C, C++, and PHP in programming languages. Angular and React frameworks are also used and understood. Slightly involved in Java, Go, Kodin, and Python.